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How is that post in the negative though?

Also, I can understand arguing that things are verifiable fact, but I wouldn't argue that anything is impossible. There's certain things that are not worth pursuing because their worth wouldn't justify, but everything is impossible until it's not.

If you went back 100 years and told people we could have the equivalent of the entire country's libraries on a chip the size of your fingernail they'd tell you it's impossible. But now we're approaching 1TB microSD cards if we're not there already. I may be over-estimating, but 1TB of text is infathomable.

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How is that post in the negative though?


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Imagine if OP went as far as to add that "Jews are biologically human", that would cause a shitstorm :)

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That single thread conveys so much information on the failing of the education system.

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Good luck trying to sneak anthropogenic global warming onto that list. Do you think it would do much better around here?

Edit: Just to make sure I'm being downvoted for the right reason. I have no problem with the list's facts, but I expect many people would.

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I'm not looking to start an argument about anything, but...

I really don't see how two things can be both correct and incomplete, yet also be inherently contradictory. This guy seems to try to move the goal posts with the definitions of those words.

Climate change is real, but its not an existential danger to the planet. This giant rock self regulates. If humans fuck it up, we get cooked off, and another species gets the chance to be the apex. For a guy that buys into darwinian evolution, you'd think he might be a little more at peace with a failed species getting mopped up.

Not all approved vaccines are safe. Forget the red haring of autism, vaccines are well known for having rare (but very serious) side effects.

My personal disagreements aside, I see where the hate comes from. That post reads like a passive-aggressive, intellectually masturbatory ramblings of a somewhat intelligent high school student. Not everyone who disagrees with you is delusional, and not everything considered "accepted science" is true. History has proved this a thousand times over.

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Climate Change (nee Global Cooling, Global Warming, etc.) is never in doubt; it has and will continue to change. Proven human caused future climate catastrophe is another story, especially when the alarm has to do a 180 and then take a pause.

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No doubt. You know, I haven't seen a blue sky in 10 weeks... Not a joke. Wildfires are burning in more US states than not at the moment. The air makes Shanghai look like a deep-wilderness vacation. I'm legit wearing a respirator at the moment.

The only question is if the liver failure or lung cancer will kill me first. At least the alcohol has added some mystery to my final years/decades. Long live humanity, we've been amusing from start to finish...

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All zealots hate science and invent their own shit. The left has plenty as well. Sorry there kiddo, you're not a fucking squirrel and alien is not a gender.