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Who cares about users?

I think that the biggest problem that Reddit had and continues to have, and that all of the platforms, Facebook and Twitter, and Discord now continue to have is that they’re not making decisions, is that there is absolutely no active thought going into their problems — problems that are going to exist in coming months or years [...] think there’s just a complete breakdown in the kind of thought process behind how your technology is going to affect the users that use it and the world at large, and the incentive structure that is behind Silicon Valley start-ups and how they’re formed. [...] There was never, in any board meeting that I have ever attended, a conversation about the users, about things that were going on that were bad, about potential dangers, about decisions that might affect potential dangers. There was never a conversation about that stuff.

-- Dan McComas, the former senior vice-president for product of Reddit

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I was seriously wondering for the last couple of months if he was even really around anymore. It was always 'the new code ... working on the new code' and that may be true, but I've had my doubts ... there, I said it - LOL

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watchout, pembo might need a few more months to finish moving lol

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Putt hardly had any interaction since he took over from Atko. Remember Voat got a large donation of Bitcoin right before it shot to the moon? Kind of makes you wonder if he cashed out and just put Voat on cruise control until it crashed into something.

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How convenient for him if that truly is the case. Smh...