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I believe @TheBuddha is #11 on that list, can't find the link ...

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LOL I'm pretty comfortable saying that I play better than Hendrix - and then being willing to prove it.

Call me when Hendrix could play this:


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"Fatty Arbuckle of modern guitar" is my preferred listing, but I've also been termed as "The Johnny Unitas of Ibanez" on several occasions.

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I might actually steal both of those. I like to do a humble skit, often to help us open, where I'll say things such as, "I'm actually pretty new to the guitar. I used to play a piccolo in grade school. So, have some patience!"

Then I'll turn my volume straight up to 11 and rip into something heavy and that visually appears complicated. The audiences eat it up.

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They're wrong. Well, the journalists are right, RSM did do that - more than once. It's RSM that is wrong. WRONG!