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I love the conclusion that the crazy left environmentalists would burn down most of Australia, to bring attention to the destruction of the environment as a whole.

How does that make any sense?

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From the Guardian article "NSW police say they have charged 24 people with deliberately lighting bushfires this season." People are causing much, if not most, of the damage.

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That's very impressive for 24 people to ignite a whole continent, I can barely manage to fold laundry in the same day that I washed it.

But for real though, that statement is far too vague to draw any conclusions from. Were they actually "deliberate" or is that simply what they're charged with. Would ignoring a fire ban, starting a camp fire which leads to a brush fire count as deliberate? What about negligently tossing a cigarette butt?

I just can't help but wonder if any of those charges were inflated to increase the punishment. Or who knows, maybe there is a couple dozen aussie cunts who hate koalas.

Edit: also charged and convicted are two different things.

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The New South Wales Police Force announced in a news release that legal actions have been taken against 183 people for 205 bushfire-related offenses since Nov. 8.

In addition to the 24 people charged with starting fires, 53 were accused of failing to comply with a total fire ban, and 47 discarded a lighted cigarette or match on land, police said.