I don't own a TV.

I don't own a TV.


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I watched the first couple of episodes of the Mandalorian. It's not bad.

Okay right from the start, unrealistic door opening like a camera shutter.

And the dialogue. "You are the best in the parsec."

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I watched the first episode. Typical American ultra-violence entertainment. The protagonist is a habitual mass shooter on his murder rampage of the week. Surrounded by Wild West stage decoration and growling men with blue and green rubber masks. Not sure what the appeal of this smut is. Probably a cultural thing.

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Happy! on netflix, season 1 is available. Both seasons a phenomenal if you like weird, ultra-violent, mind bending plots, and dark humor. Sucks they didn't renew it for a 3rd season but give it 2 episodes.

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Yeah Happy was pretty good, especially the first season.

The name of the show is "Happy!" ?

And come one, it's the 21st century, I can get anything in the world on torrent. 15 minutes after Netflix releases it, I'm downloading it.

And, BTW, I definitely like weird and mind-bending. Violent is just part of the common package, though. Honestly I could do without, though it doesn't bother me.

Sure, whenever I'm dickin' around in outer space in my spaceship, I always need a cape dangling from the back of my completely unnecessary suit of armor.