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Being cynical and based off the past, I'd say a space force has been on the cards ever since the first man thought of extracting expensive stuff from the ground on worlds other than ours. But then I'm long past believing the politicians make any real decisions.

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No. I work for the Space and Missile Defense Command. We are going to get absorbed into the Space Force. The Hypersonics Program Office is also in my building.

Space Force is a response to our huge reliance on space-based systems to support the military. If you kill our GPS satellites our weapons don't work. Our timing doesn't work (meaning things like radios won't work). If you kill a couple of our KU band satellites you basically cripple our military.

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And now I'm immediately distracted:

Our timing doesn't work (meaning things like radios won't work).

This is a dumb question, but...why does a radio need a clock? (edit: and why does timing rely on sattelites?)

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Every digital device requires a timing clock inside it. Usually in the form of a crystal. Even old school computer communications wouldn’t work without it, ie RS232, RS485. That’s just for simple things. Hell, a processor chip like a PIC needs accurate timing or it can’t even do its job.

Digital radios with real-time encryption decryption need to make sure their bits are in the right place at the right time.

GPS guidance is even more dependent on deterministic timing to be accurate. Without it a lot of our fancy bombs and drones would have shit for accuracy.

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They're still trying to stop ICBMs. Hypersonics just put missile defense further behind.