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I drink because it makes me not laying in bed thinking about some invoice report all night and gives me sweet sleep.

something, something, commas

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Because it's liquid. If it was solid, I would eat it.

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I don't do it very often, but when I do (roughly quarterly) I do it to excess. I decide that it's time to get drunk and de-stress.

Usually I'll go to the brewery and get a growler of some beer, usually a lager.

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I too really like the taste of beer, and I enjoy the buzz. I loath wine and liquor though so if it wasn't for beer I wouldn't drink.

Because why the fuck not?

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It's addicting, gives hangovers, cancer and other health problems.

May I please ask here, what the fuck is this "MagDown" thing which seems to have hijacked my machine?

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Interesting point to ask. But did you install a shady browser addon?

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i get quite tired about an hour after my last drink so its pretty handy if there's a particular time i want to be asleep by or if my insomnia is flaring up.

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...to be social and be a part of the high spirit, in the moment.