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I don't hallucinate. I never have. I have super vivid dreams, but the crazy shit stays in there.

In my parents house, around 14 or 16, I was in my room on the computer late at night--1:30 or so perhaps, I was always up real late on the weekends (til like 4am). I always had a cup on my desk with a drink in it, though it would always eventually be empty. At this time on this night, it was empty--no ice, no condensation, totally dry. I was staring at my monitor and something drew my attention to that cup and I stared at it. Suddenly, it moved about 2 inches to the right. I lost my mind and ran downstairs in far fewer steps than should have been possible. After I gathered my senses, I went back up and checked the bottom of the cup: dry, totally dry. It wasn't condensation, I didn't bump the desk. It just... moved, as if someone grabbed it and just moved it to the side deliberately.

Other times I'd be in the kitchen before I walked to the bus stop for school and I'd hear stuff crash in the basement. I'd go check and nothing would be on the floor or otherwise misplaced. We did have a problem with birds getting into the house via the chimney, so I was never completely sure--though they made quite a ruckus when you went down there to get the birds out, so I don't think it was always a bird issue--they made their presence known.

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I'm not sure if a psychic event counts as paranormal, but anyway I once had a dream so unusual, so incredibly vivid, that it stayed with me for days afterward. It was unlike any other dream I had ever had in my whole life. All it consisted of was me going down on my best friend. That's it. Two weeks later I was visiting that same friend and he was noticeably ill at ease. Gradually over the span of the visit it became apparent that he had had the very same dream at the same time on the same day. We did not have two separate dreams. We shared one dream between the two of us. There was simply no other way to explain this other than some form of telepathy. Spooky as hell. I never even knew there was such a thing as "dream telepathy" but after a bit of research it turns out that that is actually one of the more common psychic phenomenons. I am bisexual and my friend was a homophobic heterosexual. He was very upset after the experience and we didn't see each other for two years. I had always known in the back of my mind that I was slightly psychic, but I always denied it to myself. After that shattering dream though, I couldn't deny things any longer and I began to notice all kinds of little things. Mostly premonitions of future events, small events, nothing spectacular, but unsettling nonetheless.

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Ive heard of that. I have a revurring dream every year around Halloween of myself walking with my brother down a rocky path with stones.

When we talked, he had the same dream around the same time. i dont know if he still has them, but I know to expect it every year around halloween.

Maybe dream telepathy is a thing :o

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I wanna post mine. its my sisters' story but I was there.

  • my sister and I are the oldest of the cousins. We have a 6 year age gap, so I remember one time when she begged my mum to go spend a weekend at our uncles' house. So my mum let us so she can have time to herself. Now, this is an uncle that we dont talk to, my husband has never met him, but i follow his kids on social media and we touch base here and there. His wife at the time was an absolute nutcase. At the time, our cousins and I and we were getting ready to put our toys away and go to bed. My sister was walking around turning off the lights and she stopped and stared outside at the backyard. this was at like 10pm and my 7 year old self was tired and not having it. so I walked up to grab her hand and I swear to God, I saw a little girl in white sitting on the yellow slide staring at us. Deadass looking at us. I dont know WHY or anything, but I remember this little girl standing off the slide, and disappearing as she was walking over to us. I didnt give a fuck about my sister, my cousin, nobody. I booked it up those stairs and yeeted into my bed. I woke up the next day and my sister didnt remember it. I wrote it in my journal so I could show my mum when I got back.

I dont know WHAT happened after I told my mum and dad, but my uncle divorced his wife soon after.

Im still terrified to look outside at playgrounds to this day.

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i can still describe how this ghost thing looked, in detail.

ill also share the time my idiot sister summoned a demon into our apartment if anyone wants to hear

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I have. When I was a teenager. They've made many low budget movies about the phenomenon. Jesus and moving worked great.

They have pretty much made a movie about everything........

My older brother said he saw a small blue orb in his room many years ago. I had a friend that said he saw little people when he was a kid(The Indian in the Cupboard). I had friend's parents tell me they seen UFOs. Two families I knew said their house was haunted. A friends sister said she saw this super fast buff midget running by their car on the Highway. Some native Americans said those little buff midgets live in the woods and steal children.

Basically I saw everyone's story as b#llshit because it wasn't like mine and I've never seen what they seen........

If you want to see some crazy stuff get off the internet and go ask the original people of your country. Every native American I've talked to had a crazy story to tell. I even heard about shape shifting and animals with human faces lol.

One girlfriend that I had her dad suffers from Schizophrenia and he would see some weird bigfoot thing in the woods always watching him. She said he did a bunch of acid in his twenties thats how he got Schizophrenia. One of my college classes said early twenties is when people are most likely to develop Schizophrenia.

Some possibly were real. Some of these were prob drug related. Some were prob made up or exaggerated. Some were prob mentally ill.

If I were you share what you have seen with someone you trust and go from there. If it is mental illness related you can possibly still live and enjoy life with proper treatment and medication. <----- way too deep and serious for PHUKS?

Stay away from drugs and alcohol. Eat healthy and live well. https://www.alcohol.org/comorbid/psychotic-disorder/