Seems only the smartest ones like myself and @SmallPond are here.

Seems only the smartest ones like myself and @SmallPond are here.


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I think there are some smart people over there, however many suffer from cognitive biases (confirmation bias, backfire effect, bandwagon effect, false consensus, authority bias, etc..). Over all it is a very emotional group, if comes off more as a place to vent and place blame than as a forum for speech and discussion. I would imagine levels of depression, anxiety, and autistic tendencies among the population are pretty high.

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I think you nailed it that voat is more venting than discussion. It is aligned more with desires and fantasy than reality. When groups grow to the size that the individual can no longer see or feel the effect of their efforts on the whole the focus shifts to "big" ideas. These ideas are gross simplifications like Us vs. Them and do not foster discussion only fellation. I'm a firm believer that communication is rooted in invested connection. You can't have that when group identity>individual identity.

I'm on Phuks, Poal, and Voat. What does that say about me?

I don't know but that scares me!

No need to be scared, Empress. I just like variety.

Awe u so sweet!

Well ok.

Just no peeping at me when I take my top off, if u want to see my 3D tits just ask politely and I will let u feel them too.

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You might have an anti-social media addiction?

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Voat users are homophobic so they don't fit in well with our gay furry fox-themed orgies

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I was briefly on there recently and there is a bunch of antisemitism, homophobia, and racism.

I'm pretty sure if I stay here long enough I will see the same plus some misogyny lol

or it is possible they are not here because THANKFULLY this site is FREE of that stuff.

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We do have a more strict TOS that forbids some of that.

But mainly most of our users came here to escape the circle jerk of random hatred.

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Maybe I'm wrong but looking at their posts and comments they've made so far leads me to believe this will be a spam account. One of the tactics is to say what they think people want to hear. We'll see.

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THANKFULLY this site is FREE of that stuff

That's what you think.

I was just joking to tease any voat lurkers.

But yeah I'm basiclally seeing what users here see.

Such a nice userbase here ... small but that small forum feel :)