In the next couple of years I'd like to purchase a house. I'm going to need a couple of bucks for that I suppose.

In the next couple of years I'd like to purchase a house. I'm going to need a couple of bucks for that I suppose.


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I kind of want a chainsaw. I don't even have any trees that need cutting, but it seems like something a man should own.

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From a quick search, I assume this is about gaming. But I can't figure out why this is sought after by retro gaming nerds. What makes this interesting?

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All modern TVs/monitors have some amount of input lag due to the way the image is rendered on screen. CRTs have no input lag whatsoever, and Sony Trinitrons are just about the best CRTs ever made in terms of picture quality.

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I went to the Science Museum last year and the Sony Trinitron we had when I was a kid was and exhibit.

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I lived through some hard times to pay my house off. Good luck but just do it as soon as you can and work your arse off to be free of the bankers claws.

I might lump for a new Cpu, MB and Ram next year or the year after. Last upgrade was in 2012 so maybe fate will force my hand sooner rather than later.

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A riding lawn mower would be nice. I hate pushing around my current piece of trash.

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Just don't get one that is MTD built, those are a pain in the ass to work on.

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A new telescope. My last one, 8" Meade lx200, broke a couple years ago.

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A crib and bassinet, a couple of car seats, a high chair, and a stroller

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I got almost all those things for cheap recently except the car seats, as sad as I am to say it off facebooks market place, the wife found them all. Car seat last one I bought was 65$ at again ashamed to say Walmart.

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There's nothing to be ashamed of, silly. You're both providing for your child the bestest you can do. That's something you can be proud of!

I have months to go before I really need to buy anything, but I like to make lists for everything and just started one for baby things. I'm due in July: -)

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Congratulations, nothing beats having kids. I'd much prefer if I could support more small businesses and local communities rather than participating in facebook and walmart type things but what are you gonna do.

We just had our 3rd a 8 days ago now.

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