Are they better than cheap plastic razors?

Are they better than cheap plastic razors?


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I shave with a safety razor. I got started with a cheapie from Amazone that cost about $5. My motivation was purely monetary in that I couldn't afford to spend money on disposables or on those double/triple blades for re-usable handles.

Granted, learning to shave my legs and underarms with a safety razor led to some spectacular nicks and cuts. I think the sharp learning curve was worthwhile. I can afford any sort of razor/shaver I want, now, but all I did was buy a better safety razor. The blades are very inexpensive if you buy a lot of them at once. They're still sort of expensive in the supermarket, so online is the best place to buy them.

Edit: I use this one: https://www.amazon.com/Edwin-Jagger-Double-Safety-Heather/dp/B00K6Z1R60

And Rapira blades.