Are they better than cheap plastic razors?

Are they better than cheap plastic razors?


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You mean those safety razors? I use my dad's. It was made in the early 30s.

  1. Smoother shave.

  2. Infinitely cheaper. Blades cost maybe 20 cents? And you get more shaves out of them.

  3. Changes shaving from a chore to a ritual. You absolutely need to pay attention or you will walk away missing half your face skin.

Now that last point might have scared you a little. Don't let it. As long as you're paying attention and not pressing like your trying to cut open a box, you'll do fine. There's a technique that you follow:

3 passes...

  1. With the grain

  2. Across the grain.

  3. Against the grain.

In. That. Order. Or it hurts even if you don't nick yourself.

But in the event that you do, you want either an alum block or a styptic pencil. Yup, it stings like crazy but that's a great incentive to pay attention while you're shaving.

Once you're done, splash and gently rub a little witch hazel onto your skin. This causes any remaining stubble to pull back in just a little bit and make an even smoother shave.

With some practice, you can go from making your lather in a cup to fully shaven in less than 10 minutes and not use a mirror at all.

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My grandfather used to hand me his old safety razor without a blade so I could pretend I was shaving with him.

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handles are one thing, the edge is everything.

old school delivers a better results, but takes more skill.

The more easily the edge of the razor slips through hair as you shave, the more delicate you can be with your grip and the lower the force you must apply with the razor. This is important because the softer and more yielding your beard, the better and safer will be your shave with an old school razor.

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Not using em then, my beard is like fucking iron wires

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you soften the beard with hot water, hot lather, etc.

That's why old school barbers used steaming towels, etc.

makes it go much easier.

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I pay a dime a blade and use a new blade every time. That's enough for me.

Get yourself a handle, a tube of Cremo, an alum block, and some aftershave, you'll be sold.

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I shave with a safety razor. I got started with a cheapie from Amazone that cost about $5. My motivation was purely monetary in that I couldn't afford to spend money on disposables or on those double/triple blades for re-usable handles.

Granted, learning to shave my legs and underarms with a safety razor led to some spectacular nicks and cuts. I think the sharp learning curve was worthwhile. I can afford any sort of razor/shaver I want, now, but all I did was buy a better safety razor. The blades are very inexpensive if you buy a lot of them at once. They're still sort of expensive in the supermarket, so online is the best place to buy them.

Edit: I use this one: https://www.amazon.com/Edwin-Jagger-Double-Safety-Heather/dp/B00K6Z1R60

And Rapira blades.