I found this in a paper bag, abandoned on the side walk near where I smoke.

The most obvious conclusion, based on years of creepypasta, is that its cursed.

Kind of neat though.

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I'm not sure what to think about it, but I think I like it. I could stare at it forever and gain no insight.

I personally can't figure out which way it's supposed to be orientated.

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I see it now! Turn it 90 degrees counter-clockwise. The white diamond is on the cheek, the lips just to the left of it. The green is hair, a big afro. The swirls above the nose are eyelashes.

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holy shit, i really like that painting now, im jelly

*except all that fucking glitter

Holy shit your right!

I thought the diamond was horizontal and the squiggles were some sort of Arabic language.