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What happened to our safespace?

Do you like the users on this site, or do you secretly loathe us?

Who are your favorite/least favorite users?

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What happened to our safespace?

Vanished. Lost for all the eternity.

Do you like the users on this site, or do you secretly loathe us?

There's enough variety that I cannot really generalize. Also not a lot of talking so there's only a few I actually know

Who are your favorite/least favorite users?

Obviously the pure, aryan admins. I would never find a lowly user likable

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1:How long do you have to practice each day in order to maintain your level of evil?
2:Do you prefer to torture kittens or puppies?
3:Is it your goal to take over the world, or destroy it?

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  1. Its a natural talent, but I still practice 2-5 hours every day
  2. Both, my favorite is tying the owner and torturing the kitten/puppy to death in front of them and making they eat it afterwards. Works with babies too.
  3. World domination is a means to a goal, the goal is obviously destroying the world
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How was the boat from Germany to Argentina? Choppy?

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To help users manage their own privacy, it would be nice to have a clear picture of all account information you collect in order to identify alts or for other purposes.

I know that's not a question, but it could still be answered.

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We only have some logs of what your browser sends when it does a request. Any more than that would require us to run analytics scripts on the browser, and you won't see that on Phuks while I'm still in charge here.

You can even check this by yourself using your browser's inspector tools, the only data sent to out servers is the bare necessary to serve a request, plus a websocket connection that is used for all the live stuff (/all/new updates, notifications and the chat window).

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Well I have an alt, but I try not to use it for evil - LOL. My alt is so that someday when the Owl steps in some shit he can silently fly away and be replaced by a kinder, gentler version with another name.

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So you can't effectively identify devices or browsers?

(I'm feeling the weight of my technical ignorance here, though the obvious backdrop is that none of us should ever expect anything we do on a computer to be private.)

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can you start the pushup routine? IDGAF about all that, I happened to do 30 between starting and ending this comment. I think it's good for anyone and I appreciate your work, so why not join in?

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I really should. I used to keep myself in form, but once I started uni+work I had to stop doing that because of the lack of time, and I really feel it on my body after a year

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I went to boxing on tuesday nights at 8:30 and had to write my bio lab reports once I got home (2kms run there, and back) than at 8:30am I had bio lab the next morning (30 min bus ride). It was an elective as I was in Accounting. Find it in your young age to do this, and you will feel results and think clearly and find cool people. (I was best buds with the soccer team captain, we ended up working out together til we graduated)