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Your message indicator, a link to your profile settings, and some basic functions are in the top right. Open the expando if you are on mobile.

  • Toggles Day/Night mode
  • Takes you to your message center where you can see replies and PMs
  • The envelope will change colors and have a number in a red circle if you have a new message

This site is composed of subs. You are automatically subscribed to about a dozen defaults. You can subscribe or block a sub from your feed from either the subs page or the sidebar of the sub. Each sub has its own theme, rules, moderators, and custom settings:

  • Extra CSS to change the colors and look of the sub
  • Sidebar information with links to other sites that may not be affiliated with this site
  • Choose the default sort of your sub when a user goes to it (New/Hot/Top)
  • A video player mode that can play the all the youtube posts that have been posted (experimental)

Your user profile has additional viewing options that can be set

  • Open external links in a new window
  • Disable custom sub styles: Disables custom CSS styles on subs.
  • Show NSFW content: Shows posts that may contain nudity or extreme content.

Some other custom tricks for browsing the site:

  • /s/subname goes to the sub
  • /u/username goes to the user's profile
  • /all/new shows a live view of new posts, the votes and comment counts auto update
  • /m/news+sports+music shows all posts, sorted by new, from those subs
  • @if
  • /chat goes to a full page chat window for all users
  • @end
  • allows you to change the order of the top bar subscription list

How to report bugs

If you find any bug, glitch or any other nasty thing, you should open a task in here and we'll take care of it.

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