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It uses javascript as its formula language. As such it can store any javascript type in a cell.

Eventually I want it to support 3-axis spreadsheets but from a UI perspective it made sense to tackle two first.

Useful tips for those more familiar with excel: Shift-click for a cell address when typing formulas. Ctrl-click to select cells for copying and fill down. Range addresses are obtained by shift-clicking the top left and the bottom right successively.

I also just started some vim like features but not a lot is implemented. Hitting escape can cause access to some weird behavior ;)

One of the coolest features I managed to add in is collaboration.

Maybe for some fun we can see how many people can get into a collab sheet.

Join with this as the key x0x7/5pTHKN7K2XrUKa

Feel free to use a temporary user of course.

Here is the ugly source code: https://jssocial.pw/u/3dspread3