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No, literal shit like this usually flies under my radar.

The kyle guy speaking seems like a moron who is a supporter and volunteer, but doesn't seem to have much to do with the campaign. He also didn't have the best reputation before this video even came out.


As for this project vitalis or whatever, it seem like them and this OKeef fellow are also both steaming piles of shit with a laundry list of lawsuits and scandals surrounding them.


With some of the statements made, it makes me curious what the questions asked to prompt those responses were. Because if you ask "what's the worse case scenario?" And he goes on about milwaukie burning, well....

I feel like there were some choice edits made to this final cut of the video.

But in summation, fuck this guy, fuck that guy. They're both pieces of shit and can fade back into obscurity.

If there was nothing to this video, Bernie wouldn't have done this and they wouldn't have started restricting activity, etc. on their social media accounts. Veritas being questionable or not, the actions taken by Bernie et al are not the actions of innocent people. It's exactly what would be done while they try desperately to figure out how to spin things.

It's what guilty people do.

I'm not saying Bernie et al are guilty. But, by God, if Trump is considered worse than demonspawn because his associates and campaign folks were caught and convicted of "doing things," then Bernie is too. We have that wonderful Trump Derangement Syndrome to thank for that. And I'm all about people being treated equally. So as far as I'm concerned, they need to be treated equally.

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What? He had a likely prescheduled ama on reddit, therefore he wants to burn down america? What actions are you referring to?

I don't understand why so much emphasis is being put on this chucklefuck. I mean, if this is supposed to be the average Bernie supporter, then this guy must be your average trump supporter.

Trumps associates have been caught and charged with federal crimes of a far more serious nature, this guy has DUI and possession charges. Also those were close associates of trump, not some chucklefuck supporter they've likely never met.

I'm all for people being treated equally, however trump has never demonstrated that he feels the same way.