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“Americans deserve to know what, if anything, you, as the owner and operator, are doing to address the proliferation of extremist content on 8chan.”


As one of the last bastions of unrestricted free speech. The answer is nothing.

I refer you to President Andrew Shepherd speech on this matter.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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Damn, that is a gold speech. Never saw that before

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I've never seen the movie, but a local guy on the radio here plays the first part of that clip, I love it.

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It's not a summons. Here's what I'd say:

Dear Congressman Thompson,

I'm in receipt of your August 6, 2019 letter. Thank you for your interest in 8chan. I am no more responsible for what is posted on my site than is Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. We are not publishers, we are platforms, and while Facebook, Twitter and YouTube censor content, we don't.

In response to your invitation: No.

Sincerely Jim Watkins

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Well I think the guy lives in the Philippines, so yeah makes sense it's a request for presence and not a summons.

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Hope he shows up to say this on C-SPAN with a little more in depthness on the explanation between platforms and publishers to get the gears rolling on class action lawsuits. Surprised there hasn't been any filed yet.

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I believe Hotwheels lives in Australia (I could be wrong, I know very little about 8chan). He is severely crippled and looks like a deformed baby and he publicly came out against the shooters and his own site, I can't fucking wait for congress to start attacking him he should immediately start crying like a child and saying stuff like "I just wanted to create a safe space for creativity". No congress person would want to have clips of them attacking a crying cripple because just wait 6 months when people forget the context and suddenly "here's congressional candidate XXXX verbally abusing the handicapped!" hits the internet again.

And to be fair Hotwheels never ever intended for 8chan to be anything but a place for people to share porn and be nerds.

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Hotwheels is no longer involved with 8ch. Founded it yes, but he got out a while back. This is summoning a different guy that now operates it.

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Wait, porn and nerds?


Dammit, my Tor Browser is broken... Nope. It...it.. 8ch is gone!

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You are thinking of the founder that is no longer associated with the site. The current owner lives in Asia somewhere.

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Lol, I guess I know less than I thought about 8chan. This poor bastard is fucked.

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Does everyone understand what this means?

This kind of orchestrated public spectacle is setting us up to have everything officially monitored, for the sake of the poor, departed victims of this horrific massacre.

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As if they aren't already.

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Everything is already monitored and recorded, yes. The state just has no official authority to act upon a majority of the information they obtain...yet. This starts the ball rolling on sharing this information outside of intelligence agencies.

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Someone should alert the crisis actors to file suit against the NSA for negligence along with the rest of the government for malfeasance and dereliction of their duties. Somehow just that alone, further tells me it's a false flag. Can't sue the police for not protecting the people since the supreme Court has already ruled that that isn't their priority nor duty.

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That's what 5 eyes is all about. A government isn't allowed to spy on it's own people. However, allies are free to spy on allies citizens, and of they happen to find something.... well it may just find it's way across the pond to the proper authorities.

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This is so extremely dumb. There is no reason Watkins to attend and I don't think he will. All it does is generate publicity for 8chan.

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It's a political grandstand, nothing more. Similar as to when Mueller officially indicted 13 Russians he knew he could never charge on US soil. That actually initially backfired because the FSB got involved and demanded discovery of US intelligence data.

They know a trial vs Watkins would allow him discovery. That discovery could implicate 3 letter agencies for setting honeypots on 8chan. Senate hearings are not trials, there is no discovery. He may show but I doubt it.

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I agree that it's a political grandstand but no one has been indicted.

Looks a lot more like Trump's internet, video game, mental illness smoke screen which allows him to look like he's addressing mass shootings while still sucking the NRA's dick.

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I honestly like Trump, but that last speech about video games, hate crimes and the death penalty was just bad. I don't know if his speech writer tried to destroy Trump or if he meant it. As much as a boomer as he is, I'd guess he meant it.

Retard, but I'll vote for him 2020. I don't want to live in a communist country.

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seems the 'manifesto' was uploaded to instagram / facebook

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As it was to many other sites. Facebook live streamed Christchurch for 17 minutes and the synagogue shooter in CA had twitter and Instagram accounts. Why is 8ch the only target?

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Because they won't follow the narrative and it was influencing the minds of jidf and the rest of the glow in the dark pedophile protecting crews.