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If you hate Donald Trump, you really truly believe Russians stole our election, and you are a bleeding heart liberal Democrat...

You should STILL take issue with the fact that CNN did a ride-along with the FBI and was placed into position to film Stone's takedown.

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Timing is everything. Republican congressman have no weight in the House or with CNN.

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with the fact that CNN did a ride-along with the FBI

Well CNN does have two former Obama/anti-Trump intel people working from them..... NSA - Michael Hayden and former National Intelligence Director (overseeing all intel. agencies) - James Clapper

Anderson Cooper highest paid and least watched news anchor....... (Nothing strange about that....)

More https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/02/06/john-brennan-james-claper-michael-hayden-former-cia-media-216943

Yea from what I've seen it was pretty over the top.

The cherry on top was they didn't want Stone to destroy evidence..... it's been two years hahahahaha

But if I were going to destroy evidence, wouldn't I have done it a long time ago?

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on the other hand , if this was Hillary, for example . . . .

with Fox news in tow . . . .

I am sure that this would be someone's wet dream

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I pretty much have pure disdain for politics but the show of force was absolutely insane, it was costly, unnecessary, and completely staged for the media. The decision makers on this one should not only be fired but charged with misuse of tax payer money. An unarmed man with a hearing impaired wife that has gone on record as saying he would turn himself if asked does not require a Pablo Escobar level when 2 local cops could easily have achieved the same result.

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Taking 29 armed agents to take down a 66 year old man with no criminal record, no registered firearms and then releasing him 4 hours later on bail should baffle anyone. If you use this many federal agents, that shouldn't be for someone you let go a few hours later. Lunacy

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Lol, so NOW you all finally acknowledge the police are out of control.

This is not a new trend or an isolated incident. This has become the new norm, as it has been going this way for the last 10-15 years.

But now that it's some one you actually care about, it's all of a sudden a big visible problem that's out of control.

Hell, he's lucky that they didn't break down the door and flashbang the house.

Fucking hilarious.