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Great article ... and right on point. Government has become the problem the founding fathers warned of. And the news media on either side continually eggs it all on. Add to that that individuals have learned that they can make enormous amounts of money by pushing a cause and becoming a 'non-profit' organization and you have what we have. We really do need to put politics in the background, as it once was, and not make it the latest version of the NFL or Baseball as a national sport.

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Politicians used to confront their rivals in person, now they just run to the media and let the media blow it out of proportion. While I'm not advocating duels and canings (those also tended to be the result of slander) on the Senate floor, I do think the members of Congress have forgotten how to settle their differences face to face. It doesn't help that the two major parties seem to be hell-bent on not compromising on major issues. That's one of the reasons I support repealing the amendment for the direct election of senators, I think that if the States went back to appointing the senators then maybe we would see more compromise happen.