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It's really sad that she insists on hanging on. I wonder how her family feels.

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Time reports:

Pelosi has been reading about the technicalities of impeachment, but she thinks it’s a political loser now. “I have my judgment about this President,” she says. “But the American people are not going to accept an impeachment if there isn’t solid, conclusive evidence presented in a nonpolitical way.” Some of her colleagues, I reply, believe that evidence already exists. “We’ll see what Mr. Mueller discovers,” she says. “It remains to be seen.”

so basically lucid with skipping CD moments

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Isn't that from months ago?

Nancy reminds me of my neighbor who is early onset dementia. She knows in her head, but can't communicate it clearly, and confuses one situation with another, combining moments and not being able to distinguish them.

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apparently she gives (short) weekly news conferences, and so you would be able to track this.

if she is otherwise functional . . . . . .

Sort of like taking the keys from Grandma . . . but if she has a driver . . . .