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Why exclude the 9/11 attacks or the attacks before that? The only reason to exclude the most successful Islamic terror attack on US soil is if you want to skew the numbers to come up with a conclusion that fits your agenda that white people -- especially right-wing white people -- are the true terrorists. Of course, we are going to have less Islamic terrorist attacks post-9/11. The government started an entire new branch of the government - the Office of Homeland Security - and spend billions of dollars to stop Islamic terror attacks. Beyond the academically dishonest tactic of excluding 9/11, the site also paints left-wing Andrew Joseph Stack as some right-wing anti-tax zealot. He quoted from the Communist Manifesto in his suicide note. I don't know too many radial right wingers who do that. I guess that saying holds true: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

The whole article is a careful framing that ignores inconvenient facts and cherry picks the data.
The study it is built around is not actually available anywhere.

This is propaganda, not journalism.

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The study split the terrorists into two categories. There were the "jihadists" — people who "worked with or were inspired by Al Qaeda and its affiliated groups" — and the "non-jihadists," who were "motivated by other ideologies that are non-Jihadist in character, for example right wing, left wing, or idiosyncratic beliefs." The vast majority of the non-jihadists were anti-government extremists and/or white supremacists.

New America identified 479 people who had been arrested or charged with plotting or carrying out an act of terrorism, or who had died while committing the act. The number included 296 jihadists and 183 non-jihadists. Looking at deadly terror attacks, the study found seven were carried out by "jihadists," killing a total of 26 people. There were 19 attacks by non-jihadists, which killed 48 people. (These were the statistics when we published our article on June 24, 2015. New America has been updating the database.)

so add in the 11 terrorists of 911 if it makes you feel good.

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So instead of 7 jihadist killing 26 people, it should be 18 killing 2,779. Changes things just a bit.

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I would say we got the whole "jihadists armed with airplanes" thing under control

so what about the rest?

where should resources be focused now?