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I download all media for free from others and refuse to call this by their preferred and manufactured term "piracy". I don't even do this primarily to save money (although it certainly helps there), it is because of the corrupt lobying influence these media companies have. If I were to buy their products, I would help support their corruption and injustice. I refuse to do so.

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You wouldn't download a car.

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I would, and I have. (Years ago Honda released some 3d models for free; can't find 'em now)

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144 years? Damn I was really hoping that porno your grandmother shot in the 60's would enter the pubic domain.

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A governement by, for, and of the people indeed.

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The Constitution is a living document that needs to be interpreted through our modern perspective that they couldn't imagine 200 years ago. That kind of antiquainted language has no place in our modern daily lives where massive corporations produce all the culture that we love!

In case it wasn't obviously /s

It's actually quite sad because copyright was created there. I do wonder about the wisdom of that.

Seeing too it no one else can use our mascot.
Why? Because we bribed Congress.