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How'd you hear about us? What other sites do you use?

I've been lurking here periodically ever since I found a link from voat about 6 months ago.

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If you want to get closer to the community, there's a custom hosted Riot chat that's like a more modern version of IRC for the site that hooks up to that chat pop-in on phuks, there's a discord server that is mostly @ohphukimintrouble and me sending memes, and there is https://poal.co which is a different site that uses the phuks source code but has some cross pollination of users and content if you need a bit of extra but different content

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What is your favorite beer?

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If you want to post here... on this site... I really think that you need to ask yourself one simple question: how do you feel about frontal male nudity fighting over vegetables?

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I never watched that movie, now I think I have to

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Welcome fellow cabbage lover. Watch out for the broccoli crew.

I like cabbage, but I also like broccoli, whycome the mutual exclusion?