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I've spent time in a steel plant decades ago, but never saw any section that could fail that badly. Almost every step had employees behind barriers and in the 90s still almost every step was automated, minus a few where automation guided human correction, from behind barriers.

Guessing this clip is from China

A complete disregard for worker safety and welfare make China a safe guess. I wonder if they do the 996 system in their heavy industry factories too.

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I wouldn't doubt it. Workers are replaceable there. The changes I saw from the older steel plants to the newer ones were insane and was billions spent on worker safety and automation. The older plants were still active when I saw the new one built. Had to wear a respirator and a hard hat at the old ones, many workers didn't. Dirtiest places on earth. Newer ones just a hard hat because of OSHA, even tho you couldn't possibly get hit.