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The problem is that they're going to push for quick results instead of letting the game devs/studio take the time to do it right and give us the Star Wars universe we should have. This will, of course, be a failure because it'll just be another flavor of generic open world and no one will ever make another Star Wars universe game of this type. They need to get with Naughty Dog to get compelling mechanics for environment interaction and movement (character and camera) and take some of the more recent rogue style games into account along with a single player offline mode along side online single player that pulls data from online multiplayer metrics (such as changes to the universe) in a style reminiscent of how Eve Online has a single universe. Combine that with some of the innovative ideas implemented by Hello Games in No Man's Sky. Add come actual story characters from the movies and shows along with their character arcs (where you might interact or just stalk them and watch it play out. Do all that, and we'll have a game that has massive replay value and will be dearly loved for years to come.

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>open world star wars game

>made by ubisoft

there truly is no god

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Who come up with this BS, Sega was first and not part of Disney. Jet Rocket, a 1970 open world game and DnD in 1975. Alessio Palumbo is full of shit.