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Neat. I'm sure that some day when people look around enough, they might find some pretty interesting content on various games that shipped on CD, DVD, HD-DVD and BluRay. The reason is that by default when you copy files to those discs, they would by default copy to the inner-most rings of the disc, which happened to have the slowest access. Developers would need to pad unused data on those inner disc rings to put the game assets on the outer rings of the discs. I heard one developer actually got into a lot of trouble with this because they filled the inner data with ripped movies and someone found out about it.

lol, that's hilarious. The original grand theft auto took up almost nothing on the disc and the music tracks were like wav files or some other computer format. I knew a dude who somehow broke a huge chunk out of the disc, stuck in his playstation and it still played. There's like almost nothing to that game.