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I pre-ordered Reforged over a year ago because I was really excited for what Blizzard had advertised for the update/remake/whatever you want to call it. The product they released a few days ago is largely being labelled as a disaster and for good reasons beyond just the complete bait and switch of the updates Blizzard had promised to the cutscenes, story, campaign, etc. Many people are reporting frequent crashes, asset loading failures, black screens going to "Defeat" after successfully winning a mission, a removal of a massive amount of features that were present in the original Warcraft 3 online system (clans, tournaments, ladders), many custom maps no longer function, extreme connectivity issues with many people unable to join any online games, and the list goes on. Blizzard also changed the map editor EULA to say they own the IP of any map idea a user creates (to try and avoid another DOTA 2 situation), which really upset a lot of people.

On top of that, they removed any ability to install the original classic version of Warcraft 3. I have my original CD keys on my Blizzard account for War3 and Frozen Throne, but that version is now gone and I can suddenly no longer download the original.

I just feel stupid for falling for this bait and switch.

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oof, i didnt know they fucked with being able to install classic. guess my original cds are now offline v1.0 only >_>

i was excited to make some new maps when they announced it but when i heard about the copyright shit i knew i wasn't going to be touching the map editor. sad how low blizzard has sunk.

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Normally if Blizzard couldn't deliver on a product, they would just cancel the whole thing rather than release something inferior. Very sad what they have turned into.