A few months back I donated my first computer to my friends 12 year old kid. (After triple checking that HDD). It was already a janky POS that I learned and tinkered with. So it's already missing most of it's screws and is primarily held together with hope a total disregard for physics.

So yesterday I got a text while I was sleeping that the kid finally got around to mucking about with the pc. Today when I responded his mom told me he was having trouble getting the case back together. Now it's an unusual custom built plexiglass case that comes with it's own problems. I figured I would just have to help direct which way the side panals go on and maybe where to connect a cable or two.

I was utterly unprepared for the empty husk of the case with every piece of hardware jumbled about in a mish mashed pile inside like some sort of fucked up baked potato.

Now I'm being pressured to help fix the problem...... To guide a 12 year old on how to assemble an entire PC, so that it works again. Over the phone......

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There's no way you're doing this over the phone, bud.