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as a Canadian, can confirm.

this has me in stitches though.

As a Canadian, I don't get it.
I see nothing unusual, eh.

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I'm sorry about that, would you like me to clarify?

Sorry, no. I think I've figured it out.
Other places don't use ice rinks as a form of measurement, eh.
The hosers use made up units that nobody understands.

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Trailer Park Boys - Season 6 - is ready for me to pick up from the library. They lend me DVDs and I sell them for weed. It's not wrong; they give them to me, so I'm not stealing. Fuck off.

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But would you really trust your wings to run the pot field? You need someone responsible like a goalie or defenseman.

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I don't know about your defensemen, but mine come at least up to the opposing blue line.