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Please be kind and rewind.

I feel like I've seen that in a blockbuster or hollywood video before...

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It was at blockbuster on a hanging sign above the aisles, two signs in the polular genre aisles, and two signs in the window on each side of the door. Yellow background with Royal blue text in Times New Roman.

Also at the bottom of the receipt.

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Mint Tip: If you place pieces of tape over the two holes on the cassette's top you can record over pre-recorded tapes. This was clutch for when your step-monster gave you some lame disco tape so you can record something fly for you and your homeslice.

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lame disco? Did you say lame disco? You heathen you. You should be beaten with Barry Gibbs' fantastic hair!

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By lame disco I meant the disco songs you don't like, not the entire genre.

If they have Archie Bunker's chair and Fonzie's leather jacket displayed at the Smithsonian, there must be room for Barry Gibb's hair.

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I wish fixing a prolapse was as simple as having a pencil on hand...