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Airbnb owners tend to spend a lot locally (cleaners, landscaping, maintenance, etc.) especially in areas that don't get a whole lot of traffic aside from seasonal tourism. A lot of the cleaners are women who can only work part time because of other family duties, it's really going to hurt them a lot. Meanwhile cities will immediately blame Airbnb for high rent/low stock because most hosts don't have developer or hotel money, when Chinese investors constantly buy up properties sight unseen and let them stay vacant.

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AirDNA estimates that a third of Airbnb’s U.S. listings for entire homes or apartments—excluding shared rooms—are by hosts with a single property. Another third are run by hosts with between two and 24 properties. The remaining third involve hosts with more than 25 properties.

Some of those hosts renting 25-plus properties are managed by startups such as Sonder Corp. and Lyric Hospitality Inc., which pay to rent hundreds of apartments they sublease on Airbnb and elsewhere. Many of those companies have furloughed or laid off staff in recent weeks.

I never knew that companies were essentially managing their own sort of decentralized hotel chain through Airbnb.