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Google employees published an open letter with more than 1,000 signatories

From my experience working at Amazon for more than half a decade, this is not newsworthy at all. Petitions like this would circle every once in a while with the amazon ones generally being about cutting US government contracts (huuuuuge customer) or green peace stuff. At companies with 500k+ employees like at amazon (I don't know Google and their subsidiary numbers), that is a drop in the hat. Generally when those emails would go out, people would just say "don't touch this" no matter the cause or which side of the cause it was on because it could only generally create bad publicity or sensationalism of good publicity.

While some of the petition goals are good, like reducing data center emissions by using hydro electric centers, there will always be backlash when the demands start demanding things that are plainly absurd or even more destructive than current business dealings or technologies.

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Google seems to have a very strong "whiny little bitch" contingent, though. But I doubt if google would drop pages for them.

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They would rather drop employees. Their tech is built. They just keep hiring unqualified minorities and women for front end engineering positions (which consistently get hacked) to sell them...... to their target audience of women and minorities