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My post in Introductions, properly dated "a year ago".

I came to care about this place quite a bit more than I used to. I like seeing all the new faces, instead of just people I remember from Modern Powers and ever-present Locke. Thanks to everyone who participates for their time and effort.

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Can we take a moment to appreciate that @LockeProposal has been posting god tier quality history posts regularly for a year now?

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He really has. Same quality as always on a daily basis is hard work; words alone make it hard to express the proper gratitude.

Three cheers for @LockeProposal!

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A 1 year old cat is equivalent to a 15 year old human and a 1 year old dog is a 7 year old I think. What is this in fox years?

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About 20 fox years. Lifespan of Red Foxes is 2-5 years.

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That's a short lifespan :( Cat aging is weird...it's like 15 years for the first year, 10 years for the second, then 4 for each year after that. I wonder if foxes are kind of the opposite of that if their lifespans are so short.

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Glad you guys made this place and glad I stumbled upon it. It has been a welcome change from the other sites. Cheers to one year.

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I'm tempted to announcments this. Whats been the highlights of the year?

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Highlights of the year:

  • Everything was done on the last year. Before that Phuks did not exist
  • that's about it
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Happy 1st birthday!

Thanks for creating this place and letting us phuks hang out here.