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Basically terrorism. Brat child that destroys other peoples' stuff and threatens violence if they don't get what they want.

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How so? I mean the Mona Lisa people are most likely violent given they’re antifa types. But their act of sabotage isn’t in itself violent. Also, it’s worth noting that their “destructive behavior” is totally performative, because they’re actually throwing soup at a layer of plexiglass in front of the painting. It’s just for show.

On the other hand, this guy threatening to destroy the art over assange could actually destroy it. But it was donated by people who own it to be used that way, so it’s people destroying their own stuff, or threatening to. I guess by making it a dead man’s switch he’s added a layer of removal between his act and the destruction — kind of like the trolley problem. I guess he and his collaborators are calling it an art installation too. The whole thing is kind of clever.

Of course, if assange does die in prison, it’s not like the jailers caused the art to be destroyed either. The trolley was already moving, nobody threw the switch. Oh well.

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The soup peoples' actions also disrupts people from seeing the art. Imagine living in another country and saving up for a once in a lifetime trip to Europe, coordinating travel and customs, and the place is locked down on your one chance.

The Assange art people are destroying world culture. Art and artifacts from the past are supposed to be sacred. They may be the current owners, but they didn't create it and they're depriving future generations from being inspired by it.

Things happen when more people care about your cause. I think they should try to build organisations that help people and spread awareness, get good publicity. Their current actions of disrupting peoples' lives and threatening to destroy monuments to the past piss people off and makes people want to just stop them instead of advancing their cause.