Thank you everyone for your condolences, I haven't been around for a while and so dealt with this offsite.

She had a very aggressive tumor at the young age of 8. Surgery was costly and risky with no guarantee of success. So we chose to give her the best time that was left.

Eventually our care wasn't enough and we gave her the most love and attention we could as the end grew near. She got to dine on oysters, clams, salmon, fresh trout and even halibut. And we even made her her own plate of syrupy pancakes that she grew up on before I adopted her (she's refused them lol)

My now wife tea whatever her name on hwre was. organized the last day wonderfully. We had professionals come to euthanize her while she cuddled on my lap and I stroked her. Then we laid her to rest and gathered flowers from around the complex. To place upon the box. Finally another company arrived and took her away to be cremation.

I have some plaster trinkets of her paws and nose as well as her ashes. But I haven't found the will to present or display them yet.

I have her ashes