Hope you made it through the storm ok

Hope you made it through the storm ok


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...central and east coast Phukers seemed to have faired well with just lots of rain; power outages; etc., but S.W. FL got blasted; I've heard Ft. Myers looks like Mexico Beach did after its last storm.

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My parents have a place 20 miles from Ft Myers and were at the edge of the eye of the storm. Amazingly their place survived without flooding, window damage, shutter damage or anything. They even have power back already. They're surrounded by woods so guessing that the trees absorbed a lot of the high wind gusts for them.

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I have several friends in Lakeland, central FL area. Some wood slat fences got taken out, but no damage to homes. Mostly lots of rain and they only lost power for a few hours.

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Pembo has been in and out of Florida several times over the years, but at the moment he's in Georgia so he mostly dodged this one.