Better than the last season of GOT I think.

Better than the last season of GOT I think.


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I only watched the first episode, I found it quite meh. It might get better once the story develops, but it's not a strong start.

Could have been better, think they spent to much time on character intros instead of letting the story introduce the the players. Watching ep2 now.

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One episode in and I found it better than I expected. Casting is uniformly excellent, production values are high, dialogue is mostly good. Where it fails is the writing. It's a confusing mess for no reason at all because by the end of the episode everything comes together fine. Too much clutter and too many new characters without sufficient background so that the viewer can keep everyone and their motivations straight. But by the end it's mostly inconsequential and I'm ready for the next episode without feeling compelled to re-watch the 1st. This will bite me in the ass if it's necessary information down the line but for some reason I don't think most of it will be.

[edit] Since writing the above I came across this video and found it very helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJGysw1lqxI