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No way Turkey is ousted from NATO. Much more serious than this Ukraine stuff.

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There had been previous discussion about removing Turkey from NATO due to human rights abuse and it's cozy relationship with Russia. Turkey can't be the happiest ally in the world, given that many NATO countries have economic sanctions up against Turkey and the US did things like kick Turkey out of the F-35 program. A Turkey-Russia-China alliance makes sense - Turkey has good relationships with both Russia and China and Turkey has very different views on China than the rest of NATO. I wouldn't be surprised to see that change.

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US media is a bunch of retarded cucks. They couldn't place the Dardanelles on a map if you told them that's where Russia's Trump blackmail golden shower pee tape was.

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Turkey leaving NATO has been a long time coming, but cheering on removing the largest army in the European area is silly. Turkey will cozy up more with Russia/China, potentially block Black Sea access for nonfrens ( they control the Bosporus ).

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Turkey wont leave NATO, this is just a dog barking as he has elections coming up. Erdogan is looking for attention and maybe some pocket change while posing for his electorate (he has been slowly losing ground lately and many expect he will lose coming elections)

Nato needs Turkey due to turkey's strategic location, the Bosporus and Russia's underbelly / access to middle east/iran.

Turkey needs Nato as we all clearly see Russia doesnt give a fuck, Turkey needs the counterbalance vs Greece (yes their grudge/Cyprus is still an active issue) and to stay in touch as a "western power"

Turkey might field the largest European army in headcount, but as we have seen the last 3 months that doesnt mean much. A large part is young conscripts and There have been many purges in the military since the coup attempt. Again looking at the ukraine war, in general, "loyalist" dont make good commanders andd/or soldiers.