We could include fruit this time to spice it up. What about apples vs oranges?

We could include fruit this time to spice it up. What about apples vs oranges?


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You can't compare apples and oranges. Those weak apple eaters are always sickly because they don't get enough vitamin C.

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I mean... not that I think this is a worthwhile debate... but there's a whole lot of things in this world that can give you vitamin C besides oranges, or citrus fruits in general.

Again, not engaging in the debate, but you should probably get your facts straight...

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Are you implying that apples are better?


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Oh God not this again

Look, I'm not necessarily saying that apples are inherently better. They're better in most respects. I don't possibly see how a rational person could prefer oranges. If that makes me a heathen so be it.

All I'm saying are the facts.

FACT: Apples do not need to be peeled. You can dig right in. and eat the skin and everything.

FACT: Apples keep all their seeds in one place so you don't end up eating them by mistake.

FACT: Apples can be made into cider and pie.

FACT: Apples come in hundreds of varieties with a remarkable number of uses.

FACT: Orange soda isn't even made with oranges. Orange juice needs gallons of sugar to be somewhat palatable.

These are the facts. I am simply stating them in a rational, non-hostile manner. If you, perhaps, don't LIKE my facts, that might suggest something about your intelligence, and the intelligence of all orange supporters people who prefer oranges over apples.

That's all I'm saying. I'm not taking sides. I'm not getting upset about this. You are entitled to think what you want no matter how stupid it is.

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I think we've gotten all the funny out of the vegetable wars that we could.

Besides, apples and oranges is clearly no contest. Apples can be eaten without peeling them and can be turned into cider, so there's not much potential for debate.

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I think this site is morally obligated to support orange things.

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Team orange, that little twist in my old fashioned has already biased me.