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The first thing I noticed in that video of Pelosi's fund raiser in Napa valley was the only people forced to wear masks were the help. It was obvious the rich, white, liberal elite didn't want those smelly brown people breathing on them.

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These aren't isolated incidents. Here's an AmericanExpress commercial


Now the whole tone here of decadent dining I would find repulsive, but the ad is just dumb too; the kitchen staff and diners sure don't need masks, but the waiters do. wtf. There are no accidents in commercials. Absolutely every element gets discussed among dozens of people for how each element will be interpreted.

My guess is they're thinking something like "people spending money in these fancy NY restaurants want to think their chefs are skilled artists, not some cheap El Salvadorian immigrant, so we'll show them in a dignified, orderly position. But the customers don't like interacting with the underclass waiters and will feel uncomfortable that they might be dirty and infected, so let's mask them all."

It's disgusting appeals to making the upper class feel safe and obviously not based on science or evidence.