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I'd say boycott Israel but how I really feel about it is "Nuke it into a glass crater." The world needs to stop catering to those greedy turds. I'm sick of hearing them whine about Holocaust things or how they want immigration for other countries but have a wall in their own or are trying to genocide an entire country using the billions of US taxpayer dollars every year.

I'm so over it.

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Yeah they get almost $4 billion per year in tax payer (or fake printed) money, yet they almost always have a budget surplus and whine for more aid when their Iron Dome ammo runs low. It also makes no sense how we have many people in congress that have dual citizenship with Israel. Conflict of interest much?

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You left out Germany reparations to israel at a cost of 450 million paid to the World Jewish Congress plus a sum of 3 billion marks over the next fourteen years.

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I've boycotted Ben and Jerry's for years. I don't like their politics.

Other than that, "Ben and Jerry," who?