I legitimately don't refrigerate my eggys

I legitimately don't refrigerate my eggys


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You are both right and wrong on that one. It has to do with if your eggs have been washed or not. Most eggs in the US are washed, and have their protective membrane removed, which means Salmonella can enter through the shell. These eggs have a refrigerated shelf life of 4ish weeks. In Europe it is illegal to wash your eggs and remove that membrane, which means salmonella can't enter through the shell. These unrefrigerated eggs will last around a week or 2.

An easy way to see if your eggs are good is to place them in a glass of water. If the egg floats, the bad gases have built up and its probably bad. If it floats in the middle, it means it is getting close to expiring and should be used soon. And if it sinks to the bottom you know it will be good for quite a while.

I just realized that I could go on some more about eggs, but it's kind of weird that I know this much, so I will end it here.

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Oh God. I just realized I've had the egg float test backwards in my brain this whole time.....

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Thank goodness it's not critical with pteranodon eggs!

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We never refrigerate eggs, but then they are farm fresh and never washed, in the US however farms do not have the same safety laws and eggs are washed plus chickens are keep in unsanitary conditions.