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I had another thought on a similar subject: Why on earth would a hurricane survivor whose home was destroyed during the storm ever rebuild on the same location?

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Yeah good point. My parents had to evacuate multiple times due to hurricanes, but.never had any serious damage. I couldn't imagine moving back into the line of danger after the house is flooded or ripped apart.

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Me, either! But there are obviously many people who disagree with our most sensible outlook on safety. I'm amazed that insurers continue offering them coverage.

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Do they just have really low premiums on their insurance policies or something?

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They think that the radical left agenda is a transition period where everyone on the blue team gets everything they want on the other side of executing all republicans and independents who won't agree with them.

The Greatest Generation went overseas and fought real communists and real fascists and knew what they were like and what they did. Why do you think that radical democrats were lumped into the hunt in the Red Scare? What we're seeing is radical leftism unleashed and all you have to do to see how it ends is watch Yuri Bezmenov describe it. He warned up 40 years ago but Boomers thought they were invincible. Two generations later, Millennia;s are destroying everything not because they're disillusioned with capitalism or whatever. They picked it up from the classmates they get in school: immigrants and inner city low IQ savages who effectively train them to act and think that way.

This has all the earmarks of being planned but who do you point your finger at? If republicans would stop committing sex offenses, we might actually get people to figure it out on their own.

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paranoid af

*i should clarify that the top two paragraphs were largely fine but in the last, i think you are too interested in assigning blame to see that its more an aligning of a number of factors than someone specifically to point a finger at.

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Groups of people with money and power are far more insidious and likely to make those kinds of changes.

I mean, seriously, all it takes is one incident of something that makes no sense at all and then seeing it another time or two and asking "Why?" with a serious concern to see that there's more than just voters and politicians involved. Businesses, corporations, cartels, think tanks, and so on. Any group will have an interest in preserving itself and making circumstances favorable towards its growth. A group with enough money obviously has smart and connected people and they will absolutely do things to ensure their growth and being untouchable. You don't have to be a conspiracy nut to see this. It's only common sense. The rules of life and politics change when you get get money and/or get into different social circles. To deny this is to be out of touch with reality and human nature.

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They've all taken up selling spray paint and spray paint remover. It's become a vicious cycle.

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All you can do is pray for Mt. Hood to erupt and for the sympathetic tsunami backwash to cleanse that side of the state.