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I find things like this very worrying. It is the exact sort of thing that leads to people being up in arms enough for legislation to be passed that results in more censorship of content. While this case is unfortunate, we all know that the only way for any type of aggregator to exist beyond the size of a couple of hundred users is to have people moderating various parts of the site.

People who do not understand this will screech about child porn until something is done about it, and whatever it is will not be good. When you consider that a lot of people involved in legislation surrounding things like this are completely inept and have no real perspective on why these kinds of sites need user moderation to function at all, articles like this are very dangerous.

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Here's a reddit story, about 20 minutes ago I had over 3000 karma . Just logged in and I have 1 karma, WTF

Reddit has a new push to censor and deplatform people who don't fit their mold right now. They stepped it up about 3 weeks ago.