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The movement is in many ways merely symbolic. Even if all of Oregon’s eastern and southern counties did vote to join Idaho, that wouldn’t make it so. The Oregon and Idaho legislatures – and the U.S. Congress – would have to act, and the possibility of those series of legislative events happening is unlikely under any scenario.

Thank god. At first I looked at this and was like wtf? But after seeing that map, it all makes sense. That whole chunk of the country is militia territory. Multiple chunks of those counties have voted in the past for the state of New Cascadia Or Jefferson. Thank god they don't have the population or support to follow through. Because they surely got the guns to do it.

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I'm in favor of states splitting. The entire country is so bifurcated at this point that a balkanization of states is frankly a natural outcome. The only thing I don't support is states determining their own split legislatively like CA had been proposing. They wanted to do 3 states with SD in one, LA in another and SF in the third. That is just electoral gerrymandering to split it that way. Logically it should be coastal CA in one, far north in another and inland in another if they were to do a 3 state split.

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Thank god they don't have the population or support to follow through.

Weren't you in favor of Chaz/Chop?

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Not necessarily. I was far more interested in how it played out.

I supported more of their ideals than actions. Particularly the over looked aspects like converting vacant lots to community gardens and the community support to help people in need.

Over all it was incredibly unorganized and bound to fail. But I was hoping that the organization involved as far as helping others would last.

To follow up, out of curiosity, what were your thoughts on the Bundy occupation of Federal BLM territory back in 2014?

I'm not trying to be argumentative, I'm genuinely curious.