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I hope they win, it would set a good precedent that holds negligent/incompetent governments accountable. Frankly it may be the only way to bring a city like Portland back.

[–] jobes [OP] 3 points (+3|-0)

While I do hope they win, I hope that the result is people in the local governments being personally held accountable. If hundreds of business just start suing these broke cities, then it's just the tax payer covering looting and nothing will be fixed unless the ones who allowed this problem to occur are punished.

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Absolutely, legislators should be personally liable for negligence just as a citizen would be.

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The outcome will depend on how many anarchists and anarchist supporters are on the jury, if it goes to trial. Pack the jury with business people and then things will be good.

Fuck those anarchist socialists.

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A few feet of rope or a large vat of tar and feathers are much cheaper than a full trial