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The children roasted (burned) many marshmallows, and smores were had by all. But alas, the Toddlers endurance didn't last and he quickly succumbed to the dreaded sugar crash. Next to fall was the wife, her work day was long and arduous. After the Sparklers Of Brightness, and the "Yellow Submarine" song, the last 2 children started to show signs that their energy was waning. And after some heavily debated teeth cleansing and the gathering of pajamas, the eldest children fell to the powers of the Almighty Dad, and they too hit the hay.

So here I sit by the fire, alone and finally at peace, enjoying this late summer bonfire with an absolutely perfect Gin and Tonic.

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I haven't sat around a backyard fire pit in so long. Now I really really want to

It was really fun. This was probably one of the last ones we will have this year. The winter creeps up quickly in the cold north.