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My pea plants were dying like 3 weeks ago so I rescued 2 branches that were still healthy out of like 50 plants. I put 3 sprigs into water and in the end, it grew a completely new pea pod which you see there. I let it grow 3 more weeks until I ate it tonight.

It was delicious. Very amazing. I should have probably let such a strong plant proliferate, but....it was very tasty.

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I stopped harvesting my peas at some point. I was pulling in like 3 gallons of pea pods a week. I like peas but not that much. They lived a lot longer this year than last and I have no idea why.

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Yeah my last harvest was entirely unexpected. I just ignored the plants because I was about to pull them out and there were 3-4 more gallons of peas when I was ripping them out of the ground. 25 feet of snow peas planted an inch apart was a stupid idea....I'm so tired of them. Next year I'll do a few snow peas, but some green and yelllow beans for the rest of the row

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Yeah, I did 6 inches apart alternating with corn.

I planted 100 of each. 46 corn sprouted. ALL of the peas sprouted. I am NOT doing that again.