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I'd been using Brave on mobile for a few years, but now they're suddenly sending me notifications to store all of my browsing data on the cloud. They started showing ads on the default empty pages about a year ago on desktop, which is when I uninstalled on my work Windows OS.

Probably will have to go back to Pale Moon or something on mobile for the time being. I have been using the Dissenter browser for about 2 years on my primary desktop and it has been going great. It's a fork of Brave with all of the bullshit removed, and Brave has a surprisingly large amount of bullshit that needs to be removed from it.

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I'll give Dissenter a try.

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The main negative of Dissenter is that it is updated slower than Brave or other Chrome forks. If you really care about security, then run in No-Script mode for sites you do not trust.